Proven 6-step PROGRAM

for unthinkable ROI

If 90% of our thought is unconscious, why do marketers keep marketing to the other 10%?

e4marketing programs are rooted in psychology principles and address the workings of the unconscious mind, or our human psyche, which make judgements and draw conclusions instantaneously about marketing materials and other stimuli based on the moods or feelings generated.  Colors alone determine up to 90% of the judgement we make.  Every detail of your marketing influences the working of the "unconscious" and greatly influences consumers' attitudes about your message, product and overall brand.  Our work factors in the unconscious fears, anxieties and conscious expectations and needs of your customer so we can create emotional selling propositions, or ESPS, that appeal to the unconscious mind while preparing the conscious mind to embrace our messaging.

Our 6-Step Program has beat clients' past work by nearly 700% in revenue generated, 200% in response rate, and achieved a 3100% ROI. Imagine what we can do for you!

  1. Discovery:  Survey customers, prospects, and employees to identify what values and emotions really drives decisions.
  2. Psychological Profiling:  Create ESP profiles for core customers, develop data models for precious targeting and ROI.
  3. ESP Messaging:  Develop messages that appeal to the right affective system, and incorporate key human influencers such as social proof, authority, reciprocity, 
  4. Emotionally Relevant Creative:  Use colors, images, fonts, shapes and more that align with the energy and persona of the targeted customer, and portray desired brand attributes. 
  5. Testing:  To pinpoint the most efficient approach, we test creative approaches and other variables such as offers, envelope design, data models, frequency of communication and more.  
  6. Branding:  ESPs don't end with the mailed letter package.  We build strategies for building cultures, sales presentations, that align your brand's messages with a fully engaging emotionally relevant experience.